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Slide Bendable Extrusion for Light Strip The Lumipro Advantage With over 15 years of lighting experience our sales and engineers use their deep understanding of led lighting technology to bring you high-performance lighting packages with immense energy efficiency, lifetime durability, color rendering, power, and consideration for human well-being. Lumipro lighting products are a combination of market research with decades of lighting experience to create the ideal lines of led lighting for residential, commercial, and industrial application. High Quality Product After-Sales Service Long Warranty Terms Our commitment to always manufacture using the highest quality chips, drivers, and material create a lighting fixture that lasts a lifetime.

Lumipro lighting fixtures pass detailed safety and performance standards with nationally accredited laboratories. After manufacturing, every fixture is also evaluated for market readiness using our quality control procedures which measure power, efficiency, and waterproofing.
Lifetime support is included with purchase of any Lumipro lighting fixture. Our LS-1 certified lighting specialists love educating about our products, call 305.384.7550 for any questions during open office hours. We are more than happy to help. A great led lighting fixture is not only powerful and efficient, the manufacturer must ensure all components last through years of use. Most led fixtures that pass the 5 year threshold will last for the next 20 years because led is a solid-state technology. There are no moving parts.

Our long 3~10 year warranty terms make it simple for you. We will repair or exchange all fixtures under the warranty guidelines.
Chandelier made with 5-LB18x5.6

Slide Photometric Plan Service Our lighting engineers can help you to design the optimal lighting plan. Advantages of LED Lighting See how our clients leverage led efficiency to get our lighting free of charge Advantages of LED Lights ROI Calculator Where To Buy Client Resources


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