BS-D Series Power Bank LED Emergency Floodlight

Keep your devices charged at all times while having an easy-access emergency light with SOS strobe or static effects. Ideal for emergency response teams and as a general civilian flashlight.

The battery is charged with the included usb mini charger.


  • Power bank capable of charging other devices
  • 400lm at 100% battery, 220lm at 50% battery
  • Static Light: 6500K
  • Strobing Light: SOS red and blue flashing
  • 6 hour battery life at 100%, 12 hour battery life at 50% dim level, 24 hour battery in SOS mode
  • 3 dimming levels
  • Included carry bag with mesh net for accessories


  • Brochure
  • Spec Sheet
  • IES File


RoHS Certified no mercury or lead
Wet Location Rated
CE Certification
2 year limited warranty - new edition
IP54 Waterproof

Main Features

Power Bank

5400mAh battery can do 2.5 full charges on most phones. Use the usb or micro usb port to charge devices.

Compact Sizing

Easy travel companion provides emergency lighting and battery juice for any trip.

Carry Bag

Slim hard casing provides protection until needed.

Performance Data

ControlRuntimeWaterproofFunctionBattery Specs
F-BS10W-D106500KOn/Off, 100%, 50% dim, SOS mode6 hour runtime at 100%, 12 hour runtime at 50%, 24 hour runtime with SOSIP44Powerbank capability, 5V 2A USB port and 5V 1A Micro USB port5400mAh lithium ion battery