FS Series Solar LED Street Light

The FS series solar LED street light provides an integrated system for outdoor street lighting. This high-output, independently-powered fixture has a durable aluminum housing and solar panels integrated with high lumen LEDs with a high efficacy rating, which helps maximize energy efficiency. This autonomous fixture relies on solar power, with it only needing 6 hours of sun exposure to fully charge the battery and power itself for 5+ days(depending on the adjusted settings).


Watt Usage: 8-15W
Color Temp: 5,000k
Lumens: 850-1,600LM
Efficacy: 105LM/W(±10%)
Lifetime: 50,000+ hours
Input Voltage: 100-277VAC
Operating Temp. Range: -15C°-50C°
Housing: Aluminum
Mounting: Wall and pole
IP rating: IP65



IP65 Waterproof
2 year limited warranty - new edition

Main Features

Autonomous Lighting

The FS Series Solar LED Street Light is autonomous in its functionality and energy consumption. This fixture does not rely on a constant source of electricity and does not need to be manually dimmed or powered on/off. The FS series uses sunlight in order to power itself and automatically turns on to full brightness when motion is detected. If battery life is low the FS series knows when to dim itself and automatically turn itself off to prolong its lighting capabilities.

Energy Efficiency

The FS series solar LED street light has a high quality mono-crystalline silicon solar panel and only needs 6 hours of sunlight exposure to fully charge its battery and is capable of adjusting itself to last 5 or more days in lighting its surroundings. Using LED capabilities the fixture also has an efficacy of 105LM/W(±10%) and can reach up to 1600LM.

Flexible Installation

Cover a broad range of installation needs by taking advantage of the FS series’ modular design. This fixture has 3 optional mounting installations: wall mount, straight pole and curved pole installation. Tilt the light in multiple directions to facilitate better sunlight exposure or allow water to easily slide off the solar panel’s surface. The FS series’ also has an integrated motion sensor with a wide angle detection that covers long distances.

Ordering Chart

Example Order Number: SL-FS15-5k-A

SeriesWattColor TemperatureMounting Type
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8 watt
Slip Fitter
15 watt
Adjustable Square Pole/Wall
Square Pole/Wall

Performance Data

Solar Panel:Mono-crystalline
Battery:5400mAH/7.4V Lithium battery (total capacity 108oomAh/3.7V)6000mAH/3.7V Lithium battery
Charging Time:6Hrs/day6Hrs/day
Working Time:Auto adjustable(5 days+)Auto adjustable(5 days+)
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492.5 x 231.9 x 58mm428.5 x 193.7 x 52.7mm