G Series Solar LED Bollard

The G Series Solar LED Bollard is an ideal choice for low level architectural and commercial pathway and landscape lighting applications. Visual appeal combined with high-quality construction and unequaled solar power performance makes the G Series Solar LED Bollard is an excellent fit where quality low-level lighting is required. Utilizing solar power and LED lighting the G series solar LED bollard is self-sustained and offers significant benefits over typically wired bollards: low installed cost and minimal site impact with no trenching, cabling or wiring, minimal ongoing costs with no electrical bills or bulbs to change, immune to power outages and provides a visibly green statement without recurring carbon emissions.


Watt Usage: 20W
Color Temp: 5,000k
Lumens: 2000LM
Efficacy: 100LM/W(±10%)
Lifetime: 50,000+ hours
Input Voltage: 100-277VAC
Operating Temp. Range: -20C°-60C°
Housing: Aluminum
Mounting: concrete and soft lawn
IP rating: IP65



IP65 Waterproof

Main Features

Autonomous Lighting

The G Series Solar LED Bollard is autonomous in its functionality and energy consumption. This fixture does not rely on a constant source of electricity and does not need to be manually dimmed or powered on/off. The G series uses sunlight in order to power itself and automatically turns on to full brightness when motion is detected. If battery life is low the G series knows when to dim itself and automatically turn itself off to prolong its lighting capabilities.

Energy Efficiency

The G series solar LED bollard has a high quality mono-crystalline silicon solar panel and only needs 8 hours of sunlight exposure to fully charge its battery and is capable of adjusting itself to last 5 or more days in lighting its surroundings. Using LED capabilities the fixture also has an efficacy of 100LM/W(±10%) and can reach up to 2000LM.

Manual Adjustment Options

There’s one button on each side of the lamp, press the button to select the working mode for each side individually. The lamp can receive solar charge in any mode. Press the button one time, it’s in Sensor Mode. Press the button a second time, it’s in constant lighting mode. Press the button a third time, it’s off. In Sensor mode the light automatically turns on to full brightness (2000lm) when motion is detected in the range ≤ 8mtrs and then turns to limited brightness (300lm) in 20 seconds of no motion. Constant lighting mode Automatically turns on at dusk and maintains 50% brightness(1000lm) till it’s dawn or power’s off.

Ordering Chart

Example Order Number: SL-FS15-5k-A

SeriesColor Temperature

Performance Data

Product Model:SL-G20
SOlar Panel:Mono-crystalline silicone(11Wp+9Wp)
Charging Time:8Hrs/day
Working Time:Sensor Mode: 4 nights+
Constant Light Mode: 2 nights+
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800 x 220 x 90mm