Hand-Free Automatic Hand Dispenser

The FEMA/FDA/CDC Supply Chain Task Force has established guidelines to expand, preserve, manufacture, distribute, and maintain medical supplies and equipment to fight against the rapid outbreak of COVID-19 in not just America but internationally. As the cases continue to rise and businesses begin to reopen, LUMIPRO is now manufacturing, one of our choices, Wall Mounted Automatic Hands-Free Liquid & Gel Hand Sanitizer.

Our USA-Made Dispensers work with virtually all Liquid/Gel/Foam soaps making this one of the best choices keeping hygiene up to par with CDC standards for use in offices, schools, warehouses, fast-food/restaurants, hospitals.

Made with ABS plastic casing our soap dispenser is impact/heat resistant, ensuring long service life.


  • ABS material
  • Size:130*115*270mm
  • Refillable bottle(1000ML)
  • UV disinfection 
  • Support DC (6V/1A,5.5/2.1mm) and battery (4pcs R14 size C)
  • Suitable for 3 different viscosities: foam, soap,sanitizer
  • High-Quality sensor/motor/gear
  • 4pcs batteries can be used more than 30,000 times.
  • Can be ordered with customized base, drip tray, logo, etc.



ADA compliant certificate seal