Dimmable Outdoor LED Power Supply

IP67-UL Series

The IP67-UL Series is a high performance “one size fits all” dimmable outdoor power supply designed to last a lifetime. The dimming variant allows you to use triac or 0-10V dimmer switches such as Lutron, Leviton, and other brands.

Multiple silicone seals within the fixture creates a water-tight environment able to withstand any weather. The IP67-12V Series powers 9~24V  lighting applications with constant voltage output.

Experience a true universal power supply solution.


  • UL Listed
  • IP67
  • Triac and 0-10V Dimmable
  • Output: 9~24VDC
  • Input: 90-130VAC
  • 3 year warranty
  • Powers up to 300 watts


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  • Spec Sheet


dimmable 0-10V
IP67 Waterproof
dimmable triac
3 year limited warranty
Wet Location Rated

Main Features

Dimming Function

Use Triac or 0-10V dimmers and pair your low voltage light fixtures with high voltage fixtures.

IP67 Waterproof

Your power supply is ensured to last any weather in any terrain. IP67 ingress protection provides a complete seal against water and dust.

Universal Power

Power up to 300 watts of led lighting with 5, 9, 12, and 24 constant voltage options.

Model Variations

Model NumberWattage CapabilityTriac & 0-10V DimmableInput VoltageOutput VoltageCurrent (A)DimensionsWaterproof Rating
P-S30-5-UL30No110 VAC5 VDC6A20.3*1.3*0.8cmIP67
P-S40-9-UL40No110~240 VAC9 VDC4.45A9.4*7.0*1.4cmIP67
P-S100-UL100No90~130 VAC12 VDC8.3A17.8*6.2*1.9cmIP67
P-S100-D-UL100Yes90~130 VAC12 VDC8.3A17.8*6.2*1.9cmIP67
P-S100-24-UL100No110VAC24 VDC4.17A17.8*6.2*1.9cmIP67
P-S100-24-D-UL100Yes90~130 VAC24 VDC4.17A17.8*6.2*1.9cmIP67
P-S200-UL200No110VAC12 VDC16.7A23.8*5.8*3.2cmIP67
P-S200-D-UL200Yes90~130 VAC12 VDC16.7A23.8*5.8*3.2cmIP67
P-S200-24-UL200No110VAC24 VDC8.33A23.8*5.8*3.2cmIP67
P-S200-24-D-UL200Yes90~130 VAC24 VDC8.33A23.8*5.8*3.2cmIP67
P-S250-UL250No90~130 VAC12 VDC20.83A22.8*8.0*3.2cmIP67
P-S250-24-UL250No90~130 VAC24 VDC10.41A22.8*8.0*3.2cmIP67
P-S300-UL300No90~130 VAC12 VDC25A22.8*8.0*3.2cmIP67
P-S300-D-UL300Yes90~130 VAC12 VDC25A22.8*8.0*3.2cmIP67
P-S300-24-UL300No90~130 VAC24 VDC12.5A22.8*8.0*3.2cmIP67